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With experience in the timber business PT. LEGENDA BINTANG BOLA offer an excellent quality of wooden working products in both solid & engineering construction. The factory, since 1995, is located in Solo (Surakarta), Central Java, Indonesia. At the beginning the production was focused on decking and garden furniture, but the high demand and the high performance in therm of seriuosness and quaity pushed LBB to develop its products to follow almost every customer request in therm of wood working products, from the flooring (solid&engineering), Indoor & Outdoor furniture, Doors, structural laminate building elements etc.

In an area of 12’000 LBB (exclude the own sawmill and other wharehouse where to stock materials) focus its production with the capacity of about 300 cbm/month (15 container 20’feet/month) of wooden working. The factory is provided with a mandatory Kiln & Dry system of 6 chamber that can fit ar. 120 cbm of wood in the same time. This feature allow LBB to assure an high quality processing together with the work of more than 250 employeers.

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